Our Disclaimer

Our years of invaluable experience and knowledge is now being offered to both new and seasoned Agency for Disabilities providers primarily in the Suncoast and Central Regions for Residential Habilitation (standard and behavior focused) and Life Skills Development 3 (LSD3/ADT) services. Other regions and provider types may be considered upon request. We provide resources, technical assistance, and training to aid in our customer’s success.  However, per APD’s provider agreement and our consulting agreement, our customers are ultimately responsible for ensuring compliance with all rules and regulations; thus, we are absolved of any financial or legal liability for the use of our products and services. Payments are non-refundable and required in advance of receiving our products and services.  Your success is our top priority; hence, our success!  We look forward to working with you!                                                     

For more information or to purchase our services, please contact us via the following:


(727)370-4168 or (941)224-2258

www.logistiqueconsulting.com (under development)